Felicia Taylor is a singer, song writer from Martha's Vineyard Massachusetts and has now released five singles available on Spotify, Apple music, Amazon music and Jango.  Felicia has also worked with various artists on projects in the past including the lead singer from the band Garbage, Shirley Manson, Danny Kortchmar and Jim Parr.

Felicia writes music from her heart and experiences and hopes to engage the listener with her soulful voice and catchy lyrics. Felicia's music would be described as Pop with a mix of R&B, upbeat with a sometimes chill, soul soulful feel. Felicia is dedicated to connecting with the listener, hoping to deliver a connected and emotional listening experience, wanting to relate to her listeners similar experiences through the life story she shares in her music. She will be releasing her full Album "Reflections" this year so and join the email list to stay updated.

"Music heals the soul and opens doors to your heart you never knew you had."

-Felicia Taylor