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Always singing

When I'm not creating music, I'm singing for CSL churches. CSL stands for centers for spiritual living. I myself am very spiritual so it all works out. You can join us on Sundays via Facebook live at 10:00am for CSL Columbia. All beliefs and genders welcome!

"There isn't a day that goes by that I regret what I do for a living, I chose this path, I will keep walking this path and I will keep on succeeding no matter how hard it is. I will never give up          

-Felicia Taylor


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What music means to me

Music is a healer! All over the world it can bring people together, change your mood, lift you up or help you through hard times. I sing because it brings me joy within and joy to others. It makes me feel complete and I lose myself in the lyrics, in the song and in the moment. I sing because I want and hope to relate to others on a deeper level that only music can touch.